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barefoot running

Just ran the last 800m or so barefoot on the way home to see if the hype is true. Here are my findings:

* YES, it helps you find good posture. I got absolutely no lower back pain AT ALL running barefoot, whereas in shoes my back always hurts at least slightly.
* YES, it feels good.
* NO, you can’t open your hips up and run really fast
* OH NOES you are VERY vulnerable to broken glass etc so can’t look any more than a few metres ahead.
* OH NOES I’m not biometrically perfect and my tendons aren’t totally straight so I can’t do it often
* People would almost certainly rip the piss out of you most hurtfulsome
* People ripping the piss out of you would be really hurtful
* I probably couldn’t deal with that, it’s not worth the abuse

So in conclusion, for endurance running, running shoes are bull$hit, might as well not bother, except people are mean, and you look lame without shoes, so shell out £100 pointless pounds like I did for no real benefit.

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