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Speaking at SW Mobile Thoughts on prototyping

Expanding upon my SW Mobile talk on prototyping – how can we best use these techniques in software development?

Agile band rehearsals Agile band rehearsals

Recently I had the idea of running a band rehearsal on Agile principles… Did it work?

Deal With It Getting an ePub onto Google Play

To get my book on Google Play, I had to jump through a lot of hoops! Thankfully, Google Support were there to back me up, and faulty ePub files can be fixed using this simple solution!

softpaws Soft Paws: now on Google Play!

My Android game for cats, Soft Paws, is now available for free on Google Play!

WineFace Announcing WineFace, a free Android app

I’ve built an app for wine lovers that records your facial reaction to wines! You can find it on Google Play.

BristolITMegameet I’m speaking at Bristol IT Megameet

I’m really looking forward to Bristol IT Megameet on Saturday 1st June 2013! The ethos of the event is to bring together all sorts of different meetups and have talks in a non-commercial setting – very similar to Unified Diff! I’m speaking as a representative of both Cardiff Dev Workshop and Unified Diff and I’m […]

nginx Migrating from Cherokee to Nginx

I’ve just switched web servers from Cherokee to Nginx; here’s how I did it and why

DirtyDishes by Mysid Life hacking washing up for maximum balance

A life hack to prevent washing up backlogs. Surprisingly obvious!

Scrapper.js Introducing Scrapper.js – manage your manager’s expectations!

I made a little library! scrapper.js is a little jQuery plugin that simple iterates through all divs with class “scrapper” and replaces the background with the image of a scrap of paper, and also makes the text look sorta handwritten. Why did I do this? Well, often, you show a manger a form, and they […]

CardiffDevWorks Cardiff Dev Workshop – so much to do!

Cardiff Git Workshop was a success, so here comes Cardiff Dev Workshop!