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Deal With It Deal With It: Attitude for Coders now available in print!

My book on the attitude side of making software is now available in print!

Git logo by Jason Long Looking back on Cardiff Git Workshop

Cardiff Git Works went very well! Here are some tips on setting up your own tech training. Luke 12:48b.

Deal With It Deal With It has been published!

I just published my book, “Deal With It: Attitude for Coders” via Leanpub! You can download a sample at and buy it if you like it! I’ve really enjoyed writing it, I hope you enjoy reading it!

Deal With It My book on attitude for coders has a Leanpub page!

My book is approaching readiness!

Git logo by Jason Long Announcing Cardiff Git Workshop!

I’m organising a free Git workshop for coders in Cardiff – 1st December 2012 from 1pm

Bye bye Barclays: Money is MOVED!

The experience of moving my money to more ethical banks

Software development masterclass

How Craig and I taught a Software Development Masterclass – here’s a few notes on how it went. Plus – the invention of the “knowledge kestrel”

Recovery from burnout

Burnout is SRS BIZNIZ in software. It’s a mentally demanding discipline and seems to get more stressful by the day as the number of things I need to know spirals into the huge digits. For the umpteemth time, I got burned out. This time it was really bad. I saw it coming – you can’t […]

Getting AppMobi to run under Ubuntu

If you’ve tried to get AppMobi XDK working in Ubuntu and failed, try this fix!

I’m writing a book

I’ve been writing a book lately. They say everyone has one in them, and mine is just over half way out of me I guess! My book is up to 36 pages (each is very short and self-contained so only 7000 words in total) and I guess it’s >50% written. I want to self-publish electronically, […]