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Top Boy Tommo

By Gavin Davies

Tommo is a top boy, so I wrote a song about him. Unlike my other stuff, this is all virtual analog - banged out the track on my iPad using miRack whilst the kids were playing, and recorded it live with an SM58 for my vocals when they were in bed. You can hear crackling from the slightly duff XLR cable, oh well…

So, fits my “30 minute jam” pattern, but in this case, the only modular stuff I used was the little stereo splitter I built.

miRack is tons of fun, great for learning the workflow of modules, and honestly I can’t hear the difference between virtual and true analog, both are great, for me it’s more about how it feels, the flow of cables, the fun of solving problems with voltages.

Download Top-Boy-Tommo.mp3