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By Gavin Davies

I recorded a Yamaha DD5 drum kit (which belongs to my 3 year old!) onto a 90’s era Fostex VF160 digital desk, then layered 4 tracks from my beloved Korg Monologue (which top boy Adam kindly fixed for me recently!). All effects/eq come from the VF160, no outboard trickery.

Dunno what it is about the monologue, but it’s very much my go-to synth. I think it’s so hands-on, plus - battery powered! One less darn cable! And the batteries last a reasonably long time.

The DD5 is fun to play, so long as you keep it simple! I’ve been known to drum in my time but never been great at it, so 4 pads is about right for me!

Download YaM22.mp3