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2021:03:02 Nihilistic-Cultural-Decay.mp3
First jam in months... Contains a sample of Carter from the Unsafe Space podcast. We're in a very nihilistic era. There is hope, though. There is Truth and He's knowable! I used the little Teenage Engineering sampler for the sample, the Oberkorn for the sequence. I'm thinking I might not need my LFO module as the White Line oscillator goes down REAL slow if I need it to... Maybe I don't need two kick drum modules either... Time to pare down the rack?

2020:12:17 Sickly-Beat.mp3
Sampled both my TR-6 and a cheap Yamaha keyboard into the Pocket Operator and made a simple track out of it. After making this beat, I quickly sickened and spent nearly 36 hours straight in bed sweating and shivering!

2020:12:13 Sonic-Tub.mp3
5 minute jam on a Pocket Operator PO-33 - recorded a few seconds of my kids playing in the bath then sliced it up and sequenced it. Played a little melody based on a sample of me making a noise, pitched up.

2020:12:08 Bear-One-Another's-Burdens.mp3
Overwhelmed with sadness today as mask block faces, rules separate families, communities fear even breathing one another's air, and the world sinks ever deeper into despair. But there's one, and only one, hope. There's an innocent man who once carried a cross. He bids us carry our crosses with Him, and to bear one another's burdens and in doing so fulfil the law of love.

2020:12:06 Like-A-Beaten-Dog.mp3
Feeding channel 1 into the clock speed to get swing on the Oberkorn. I sync'd out to the TR-6 and got it to do swing by setting the resolution to 1PPS. Used the TipTop fold processor for the sound, with the right insert voltage, it made a fairly nice sound. Rode the sequencer and messed around with pitches and gates as the track went on - that's the beauty of the Oberkorn, it's all right there.

2020:12:05 OK-Let's-Go.mp3
Waldorf NW1 vocal sample sync'd up with a bit of help from my mate Jon - the secret was controlling the wavetable position with an envelope with just the right amount of offset. I sequenced the beats on the Beatstep Pro, then sacked it off and ran them through the TR6 and whacked that through the fold processor, after mixing its own cymbal back in on the rack (because the cymbal on the unit is WAY too hot and has no dedicated fader). The fold processor does wonders for the TR6 (Behringer's 606 clone) - I went a bit overboard with it at some points

2020:12:03 Running-Screaming.mp3
Acid jam - trying out the TR-6's distortion

2020:12:02 Tommo-Space-Boy.mp3
First jam with the RD-6 and I bought another TD-3 to replace the old I sold and then regretted selling! I used the NW-1 for the "vocals"

2020:11:29 A-Theme-For-Tommo's-Baby.mp3
A little theme for Tommo's soon-to-be-born baby. (Tommo is a top boy, he wears a top boy's hat). My own 1 year old "helped" me with the melody and sequencing. I finally figured out the problem with my NW-1 oscillator! It just needed calibrating - DOH! So, channel 1 had a voltage offset (so if I flipped the switch to 'pitch' everything went up about a fourth), and for ages I couldn't figure out what was going on because I was hung up on the wavetable aspects and figured it was a short circuit. Embarrassingly easy fix!

2020:11:27 Pressure-Is-On.mp3
A bit of an iteration on my last track, went for a pentatonic so it was less spooky and attenuated the delay to reduce the clipping, then I added some beats.

2020:11:17 Pirate-Daddy-Krell.mp3
An automated patch - the burst generator paired with sample and hold and white noise and a quantiser to trigger random melodies whilst a throaty bass moves in and out like the tide. Had this patch on my mind for a few days and took a break from work to build it, pleased with how it sounds

2020:11:13 Rumbled-Dat.mp3
Sequencing the pitch of the snare gives me a nice tom tom kinda vibe, good fun

2020:11:11 Beat-Phases.mp3
Drums sound fun through phasers, apparently!

2020:11:07 Cling-On-When-The-World-Goes-Mad.mp3
Using the Oberkorn for the sequence into the Dreadbox Hysteria with the quantise mode on, and tapped the pulse out into the White Lines oscillator and played with pitch for oscillator sync effects. Again, used a lot of delay. Sequenced the snare from the seq-8 using the reset and sync outs of the Oberkorn Had this passage in my mind today "When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increaseth: but the righteous shall see their fall." - Proverbs 29:16

2020:11:06 Please-Stop-Raging.mp3
My youngest daughter had a toddler ragefit this evening and this song was my calm down time afterwards! Simplest patch I've ever recorded - just a slightly off sinewave, with a bit of LFO modulation, into a low pass gate, into a crossfader with a delay, into the mixer with a reverb. I played it live using the pads on the Beatstep Pro

2020:11:06 Jaunty.mp3
Electronic ditty - now I've got the Beatstep Pro in easy reach of my now child"proofed" setup, I found some old sequences on there and messed about with them to get a jaunty little bouncy swingy thing. I really like chorus on synth lines, fattens them up like a detuned oscillator...

2020:10:18 Get-In-The-Cupboard.mp3
Inspired by a guy on the Internet (who did it much better than me!) I've built all my synths into a cupboard to keep them away from the kids! Using the Oberkorn to ping a LPG to generate percussion, then using envelopes to modular the filter, I got a shuffling squelchy groove going. I used the Oberkorn's third CV line to modulate its timing which gave me a shuffle, which I enjoyed The outcome wasn't amazing but I think in future I'll refine some of these techniques!

2020:09:17 Smash-Stacks.mp3
Trying to sync up Circles and Oberkorn - didn't come out how I planned it but that's always the fun! Heavily compressed the snare and hats for part of the track using the Waldorf compressor module Getting some nice sounds out of the Dreadbox Hysterial by finding sweet spots on the PWM. Maybe the wasp filter was a bit full on for this jam, but it was fun!

2020:09:15 Squeezed-Through.mp3
Had a bit of a false start with this one - track kicks in around 20 seconds in! I don't know why I always default to acid techno on equipment! I banged out a quick acidy number and then tried this downtempo moody jam Enjoying the Oberkorn sequencer immensely, still need to figure out a few of its features but it's so immediate, and I like how it's so uncramped.

2020:09:10 Going-On-Road.mp3
Ratcheting the hats with a Ladik burst generator and getting nice stuff out of Chipz!

2020:09:07 Man-Like-Dave-(Clippy-Roadman).mp3
Man like Dave left the company I work for recently. Tribute song

2020:09:05 Cone-of-Chipz.mp3
Little jam using a Chipz oscillator for lo-fi crunch - it's great for percussion!

2020:05:14 Throaty.mp3
Ducking the bass by sidechaining the compressor Experimenting with new-to-me wavetable module

2020:05:09 Mysteries-Of-Summer.mp3
Some polymetrics stereo rhythms with fold processed oscillators laid on top Blended two LFOs with a voltage offset to get the arpeggiation

2020:05:05 Summer-Squelch.mp3
Made some of my own percussion using an attenuverting mixer, an LFO, an AR envelope, a trigger delay and coloured noise, and mixed it with the rest of the 'rack

2020:05:05 Everybody-Wants-A-Crossbow-For-Their-Birthday.mp3
Using low pass gates for the melodies and continuing to experiment with Circles Less polymetric this time, more trying to get some fun sounds in Very much enjoyed using the fold processor to get the "pinched" melody sounds Liking the 522 bass and snare, the kick is less dominating than an 808 kick

2020:05:03 Lock-The-Block.mp3
Polymetric jam

2020:05:01 Spinning-Discs.mp3
Some polymetric riddims from the 'rack Realised I can send different levels of volume into low pass gates to get more human-sounding melodies, rather than everything being at a uniform level

2020:04:30 Circling-Euclid.mp3
Polymetric euclidean rhythms from the Euclidean Circles v2 - LOVE this module!

2020:04:22 Not-Now-Blueberry.mp3
Quantising an LFO to get arpeggios, and randomising the LFO waveform once per bar

2020:04:22 Dronnnnnnz.mp3
Dronnnnnnz by Shinbones Man

2020:04:19 Fruit-Salad.mp3
Vocals by Lil Nephew Sequenced on the Beatstep Pro, bassline is going through the Wasp filter - absolutely LOVe this filter. It does incredible sub-bass but I had to edit that bit out because the waveform went all square on screen! Used an oscillator and S+H module as a bandulu bitcrusher

2020:04:09 Monster-Infighting.mp3
One quantised melody pushed through 3 oscillators tuned to an A minor chord - or, at least, they were until the baby kicked off and I had to go upstairs and try to settle her! I used the sequential switch to cycle the panning of one of the oscillators through the Nearness. The "percussion" is from 808 kick and snare modules through a Tip Top Fold Processor. I especially like the snare folded lots of times!

2020:04:08 Downstream-From-Crafty-Patches.mp3
Patched this up tonight whilst on stream with some friends from Cardiff Vineyard Church. This is the first time I've used the Takaab Nearness to get a stereo mix straight in Eurorack - so this is straight into the desk and as such it sounds a bit dry! I was determined to get one of those YOI sounding vowelly basses and sorta pulled it off by running an LFO + envelope mixed into a filter cutoff, whilst I used a simple AR envelope for the dynamics.

2020:04:03 I-Dub-Thee-Sir.mp3
More fun with delays!

2020:03:31 Mr-Bitey.mp3

2020:03:29 Thrashing-The-Rack.mp3

2020:03:28 Indoor-Weather.mp3
Got a new FX insert module today, tried it out with a delay pedal. The audio divider plays very nice with quantised sequences!

2020:03:28 Emerging-From-The-Gloom.mp3
Mixing noise and atonal melody through the A-Logic, then randomising the filter, and putting one quantised and one unquantised lead line in the stereo channels. Delay for everybody!

2020:03:26 Everyone-In-the-(back)Base.mp3
What's a road man to do when he's working from home and Google LDAP is down? Not edit the vocals, that's for sure! One take :D

2020:03:25 The-'Base-on-Lock.mp3

2020:03:23 Cracking-Track.mp3

2020:03:16 Just-Eight-Rolls.mp3
Rolls situation during a pandemic. Performed live on the modular gear. I overdubbed the backing vocals and post-produced the main vocal slightly but the performance is all live

2020:03:14 Stand-Off.mp3

2020:03:14 Booders.mp3
Used a sequential switch to get a 16 step pattern out of two 8 step sequencers

2020:03:12 Some-Of-The-Oil.mp3
Using the 3 outputs of the Sequence 8 to mutate multiple parameters, including the hi hat controls and the filter cutoff. This started out as an experiment to get two different pitches out of a single quantiser in real time, which I think I've now figured out, but it didn't make it into this patch! (hint: requires multiple sample and hold modules, several mults and a trigger delay)

2020:03:06 Careless-Acid-Dons.mp3
Jamming some acid on the Drumbrute Impact and the Behringer TD-3! Randomised man of the TD-3 patterns rather than programmed them. I also patched the TD3's gate and CV out into the Neutron to get the deeper, crazier bass sound. And the TD-3 is going through an octave pedal sometimes. I'm a bit obsessed with acid techno at the moment.

2020:03:03 Man-Like-Richard.mp3
Richard wrote a song using an AI Generator. A fragment of the lyrics survive...

2020:03:01 Start-Out-Pretty.mp3
In terms of sheer value for money, the Doepfer dual trigger delay is right up there - combined with a pair of cheap low pass gates from Takaab, you have a great "sort-of-delay" effect for bouncy callbacks I've used the quantiser a lot today, some of the melodies that emerge are rather nice

2020:03:01 Avec-La-Beanford.mp3
My two year old helped out with this track - she did her first Eurorack patching here! Some of the volume spikes are her "modulating" the audio interface :-)

2020:02:29 Riff-Rafa.mp3
A thirty minute jam - I haven't jammed in months, good to get the modular out and of course the TD3!

2019:12:24 Let-He-Who-Thinks-He-Stands.mp3
Got a fat bass sound out of the Neutron and slapped it over some D&B style beats Sample is from David and Shona Murray's interview with The Gospel Coalition about how to help a depressed spouse

2019:12:23 Christmas-Llama.mp3
A (nearly!) all-behringer, all-red funk jam! I used the TD-3 for the bassline, through a Behringer octaver pedal for more body. The "lead" bit is through the Neutron. I didn't realise it was all-Behringer until I had recorded it! The drums are from the Arturia Drumbrute Impact. Without any CV going into it, the Neutron oscillators behave strangely, unpredictable pitch, but thankfully that didn't affect this tune. I love the TD3 because I can tinker with it on the couch and it's already survived one toddler smash attack. I use the TD-3 to drive the Neutron here with the CV outs, and the Drumbrute drives the TD3 via the sync input.

2019:12:19 Obedient-Unto-Death.mp3
I used the TD3 as a "master" here - I hooked the CV and gate into Eurorack and built a voice, and what do you know, the tracking is fantastic - well done Behringer! I added a bass using the Dreadbox oscillator and ran another Dreadbox oscillator through an octaver and a distortion. I used low pass gates instead of envelopes and VCAs so I was able to patch quickly. Loving the TD3. It's not exactly versatile but it's a squelchy little acid box and the weird sequencer means I sometimes get results I'm not expecting!

2019:12:19 Human-Sacrifice.mp3
An acid jam on the TD3 and Drumbrute. My first experience programming patterns into the TD3, it's quite fun actually, bit of a weird interface but that's the appeal IMO. Samples are from Jonathan Prageau - - who frames abortion in the context of human sacrifice - killing another in the hope of having a better life ourselves. Statistically, very few (<5%) of abortions are due to incest, rape or the mother's health being at risk - the vast majority are for lifestyle/economic/elective reasons. It's a complex picture, but abortion stops a beating heart, a person with his or her own DNA, made in the image of God, with infinite worth and dignity. That said, there's grace, mercy, forgiveness and joy for those who have gone down this route, if they will turn to Jesus. Likewise, those of us who profess Jesus should be involved in adoption, fostering and supporting struggling families.

2019:12:17 Yeezy-TD3.mp3
Took delivery of a Behringer TD3 today and I LOVE IT! Had to sell some modules to buy it, worth it though! Beats from the Drumbrute. Performed live, no overdubs. Samples Kanye West's interview with Zane Lowe - . TD3 is a bit hummy here, I used too much gain on the desk and too little on the TD3, so next time I use it it'll sound cleaner.

2019:12:01 The-29th-Was-Hype.mp3
Performed live on DrumBrute Impact. Not to be taken seriously!

2019:11:21 The-29th.mp3
Hype track

2019:11:19 Listen-To-Harry.mp3
D-day veteran Harry Billinge gave an incredible interview on BBC News recently, speaking movingly of his love for his brothers in arms and his saviour Jesus Christ. Harry's urgent message of love is as timely now as ever. I think the original video is taken down now but is an excerpt. I laid it over this track simply because I loved what he had to say. I've been into acid house lately, reminiscing about the days of Propellorhead Software's Rebirth and getting excited about the Behringer TD-3 (which I can't afford to buy but would love to play!). God bless you, Harry

2019:10:20 Handsome-Boony.mp3
Boony is a handsome, clever computerman that I know. Produced on miRack on the iPad, then layered a vocal over in Garageband.

2019:10:16 Munch-Bubbles.mp3

2019:09:29 Shemraya.mp3
Another one from miRack on the iPad rather than the Eurorack gear. I love the Euclidean sequencer, wish I could afford one in Eurorack!

2019:09:29 Gone-Full-Horrible.mp3

2019:09:26 What's-The-Bunce.mp3
My first experience of a low pass gate - has a nice, almost spooky tone to it, I really like it! I am running 2 sequencers here - the sequence 8 and all 3 lines of the the beatstep pro - to have 3 "melody" lines plus the beats. Tuned everything by ear so it's a bit drifty but that's all part of the fun, right? :-) A 60 minute jam

2019:09:24 Top-Boy-Tommo.mp3
Tommo is a top boy, so I wrote a song about him. Unlike my other stuff, this is all virtual analog - banged out the track on my iPad using miRack whilst the kids were playing, and recorded it live with an SM58 for my vocals when they were in bed. You can hear crackling from the slightly duff XLR cable, oh well... So, fits my "30 minute jam" pattern, but in this case, the only modular stuff I used was the little stereo splitter I built. miRack is tons of fun, great for learning the workflow of modules, and honestly I can't hear the difference between virtual and true analog, both are great, for me it's more about how it feels, the flow of cables, the fun of solving problems with voltages.

2019:09:13 Tight-Spaces.mp3
I'm using the sequential switch all the time now, on this new track I used it to cycle through 4 different levels of voltage going into the filter, and blended that with an inverted envelope to get quite a tubby bass sound. I didn't sequence any pitch, just ran the oscillators as-is and used the envelopes to generate rhythm Patched and performed inside an hour (not sure I can do 30 minute any more, I enjoy it too much!)

2019:09:12 Don't-Shudder.mp3
Lead from the Neutron. Bass comes from cycling through the waveforms of the White Lines oscillator using a sequential switch with every 4th bar left empty. Stabs from the other white lines through the audio divider. Sequenced the drums solely using the clock divider, which today for some reason I was able to get to work as I wanted it to, which meant I could flip the random switch on the Synthrotek Sequence 8 to bring in some chaos about half way through. Used a switch to flip between the regular snare placement and placing it on every beat. Lots of subtle modulations going on as well with LFOs into PWM and very slightly deliberate drifting of the tuning. 30 minute jam - patched and performed inside 30 minutes (or thereabouts)

2019:09:10 Borrowed-Time.mp3
OK I ran over on this one, more like a 1 hour jam! Throaty bass from the Neutron. Drums and bass sequenced using the Sequence 8. Lead line sequenced by the YoMo SEQ.8 which I slaved to the Sequence 8. Lead line generated from one oscillator FMing another one with random pitches send to the second oscillator to get a shimmery effect. Gated the envelope it from the sequencer clock. I got the snare fills by running the clock from the sequence 8 into an attenuator, and summing that with the other snare lines. Fading it up gave some semi-unpredictable snare rushes! I did something similar with the third bass drum beat that comes in and out. I had no idea the Orpho1 kick drum responded to gates of different voltage, this really opens this module up! This is the first jam I've recorded in stereo. Didn't pan much but by mixing the drums on my cheapo Behringer Eurolive mixer instead of on the Eurorack gear I was able to EQ them a bit and improve their clarity.

2019:09:07 I-Love-How-This-Switch-Feels.mp3
More experiments with the Synthrotek sequencer, plus using the Doepfer slew limiter to get more interesting articulation - nice that you can put slew on, say, ascending tones (voltages) only, creates cool effects. It's kinda hard to make beats like this, I'm abusing the Neutron's Sum and Mul features a bit. Sometimes I find if I use the clock divider to make a beat happen on alternate bars, it doesn't quite do what I would expect and seems to affect gates on other "paths" - perhaps the voltage flows two ways or something? I dunno, still a beginner here! 30 minute jam - patched and performed inside 30 minutes

2019:09:06 Open-It-Up.mp3
Used a pure analog sequencer here - and what fun it was! The random function is great fun, it seems to jam on random steps for a few beats before moving on. No quantising, just random knob positioning! If ever I wanted to spend more than 30 minutes on a tune, it's this one! I could have used the clock divider to reset the triangle LFO so that it only restarted on the beat, but ah well... A 30 minute jam - patched and performed inside 30 minutes

2019:09:04 Goblin-Funk.mp3
Some good sounds in here through the Doepfer audio divider but my kids kicked off just before I was about to record so I couldn't really get in the flow of it properly... Oh well. I like the audio divider, nice thick sounds, and strangely funky at times. 30 minute jam: patched and performed inside 30 minutes

2019:09:02 Secure-Tunnel.mp3

2019:08:29 Dunes.mp3
I used a Pico A-Logic to get more interesting modulations from two LFOs. I routed this into two in sequence attenuators so I could get some minimal pitch modulation and it made this swelling didgeridoo like bass sound. I blended this through the filter on the Neutron and ran a sequencer at audio rate to generate the bleepy computery sounds and hand-modulated the rate at which I was clocking the sequencer to get weird variations. 30 minute jam - patched, performed and recorded in 30 minutes or less.

2019:08:27 Pip-Install-Or-Else.mp3

2019:08:22 Cavedancer.mp3

2019:08:21 Markov-Chain-Modular.mp3
Earlier this year, I wrote a series of stories about a fictionalised version of my mate "Robbo". These stories became increasingly silly and forumulaic, until I had the idea of feeding them through a Markov chain to generate a new story. I then converted that story to audio using Apple Say, and dragged the clips into Garageband, then routed them out through a stereo splitter I built and through my modular gear - left side through my main rack, right side through my Neutron. I'll post on my blog in more detail about this - it was a lot of fun! Any yes, this is stretching the definition of 30 minute jam - the computer side was done in advance, but the patching and recording was done in 30 minutes :-)

2019:08:19 Noodles-for-a-Man.mp3

2019:08:09 Asymmetric-Drone-Warfare.mp3

2019:08:08 Flesh-Availeth-Nothing.mp3
I wanted to make some trap/drill style beats but that's not quite how it panned out in this 30 minute jam! I like the ratcheted hi-hat sound but unfortunately the Beatstep Pro doesn't support that (what a terrible oversight! Surely they could patch it in!) but thankfully the DrumBrute does support ratcheting. However I didn't have time to figure out how to use the Brute as the master clock so I played the "keyboard line" live and improvised it as I went. Loving the 308 distortion more and more, although everything I make at the moment is coming out a bit metal, which is no bad thing in my book! As with all these, composed, patched + performed in 30 minutes

2019:08:07 Juicy-Spindles.mp3

2019:08:06 Kubernetes-Is-A-Playground-Bully.mp3

2019:06:02 This-Still-Isn't-Hard-Enough.mp3

2019:05:27 Horrific-semirandom-noise.mp3

2019:05:25 How-Long-Can-It-Take-To-Create-Three-Minutes-Of-Music.mp3

2015:05:25 Shredpeggios.mp3

2015:03:25 MicroBrute-jam-1.mp3

0000:00:00 Martian-Beachfront.mp3
First time in ages I've had enough energy for a jam. My youngest kept coming in and pressing buttons on the sequencer so had to fend her off!