Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Nux Vomica

By Gavin Davies

A name for my music projects in my last school year. Mostly MIDI.

For some reason, Nux Vomica was a fake band where I had different personas.

Pain and Other Fuels

Track 1 is super immature. I was 15. Track 2 is a fun piece of synthscaping.

Download Nux Vomica - Pain and Other Fuels.mp3

Machine Bennett

This is a different version of track 1 from Pain And Other Fuels

Download Nux Vomica - Machine Bennett.mp3

When The Blood Boils

Download Nux Vomica - When The Blood Boils.mp3

Questionable Psychoanalysis

I can’t find a sleeve for this tape

Download Nux Vomica - Questionable Psychoanalysis.mp3

Recording setup during this time:

Words Of Encouragement

I’ve only got the cassette sleeve for this, not the tape :-(


I’ve sadly lost this tape as well, but the sleeve gives an idea of when Nux Vomica was - before Nux Vomica I think I recorded as “Deathwizard”, which is a cringe inducingly awful name on all counts, even for a 15 year old boy! Why would I call myself that?! Anyway, here’s the front and inner sleeves.