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Git Workflow Discipline

By Gavin Davies

Free book to help professionals approach Git in a disciplined manner.

Available on Leanpub for free now!

This short ebook is a highly opinionated, non exhaustive guide to working with Git in a disciplined manner. The aim of this is to be disciplined engineers that our colleagues are eager to work with and our employers recognise as clear-minded professionals.

This book is highly opinionated, in that I am not attempting to be balanced - I am presenting to you the way that I work and the benefits I have had over many years of using Git. It is non exhaustive, in that I am not trying to explore every feature of Git - the scope of this book is a guide to working in a disciplined manner.

You can read the whole thing for free - the free sample is the entire text of the book. If you like it, consider buying it!