Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Website Redesign

By Gavin Davies

I’ve redesigned the site and added an online synth and an EP!

New content

  1. I’ve finished my first Shinbones Man EP, “Red Event”. Releases 26th October 2021!
  2. Built an HTML5 in-browser synth, “Sonic Genn”
  3. I have a pure JavaScript game in the pipeline also. It uses a bespoke 3D engine using no libraries - JavaScript all the way down…
  4. I released 2 books recently - Git Workflow Discipline and What I Learned from my Dear Friend.
  5. All the “sketch” music content (the jams I do mostly in an hour or less) was buried away, so I’ve brought it into the front page
  6. I’m scouring old hard drives to find stuff I’ve made, I hope to put all my old bands material up from the decades
  7. The Flash .swf files are all now up on the site - you can play them with Ruffle - it works pretty well for most of them! I’m delighted to play my old games again!

This is all mostly for personal reasons, to have an archive; I doubt this website sees much traffic!

Design decisions

I’m sick of all websites looking the same, so I sacked off responsive design for now, so I could have a tiny bit of control and didn’t end up with the Same Old Website. I will do a mobile friendly stylesheet at some point (it’ll just inline into a single feed) but “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” as the Teacher tells us in Ecclesiastes 11:4!

Here’s the old look:

The new layout: