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Sonic Genn v5 (JavaScript WebAudio)

By Gavin Davies

Browser-based ‘synthquencer` - step sequencer with a synth parameters all being step based. Pure HTML5/JavaScript

"A ‘Genn’ is when you do it again and again and again!" - A. E. Bean (4).


Delay time


Saving and loading patches

You can copy this patch and save it to a text file somewhere


Sonic Genn is a step sequencer/synthesiser hybrid where, as much as possible, everything is bound to a step rather than being global.

The idea is to fiddle around and have fun, with every step being tweaked for wild crazy patterns! This is instead of the more usual sequencer approach where the parameters are global and only pitch/gate is bound to step.

If you like electronic music, have a listen to my new EP, Red Event!