Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

7 Seas of Rage

By Gavin Davies

Weebl and Bob fan game where Chris the Ninja Pirate must rescue Wee Bull! Playable in-browser.

Here is the game running under the Ruffle Flash player (or OG Flash if you’ve got it!):


  • SPACE: sword
  • SHIFT: shuriken
  • Arrow keys: move


There seems to be no way to defeat Wee Bull! Are there any tips?

Gather as many shuriken as you can and throw them all at Wee Bull ASAP (if you visit the secret areas you’ll have around 30 - the secret areas are at the end of the sewer if you go ‘under’ the ladder, and at the end of the boardwalk a hold takes you to a desert island). Then you have to master the ‘backing off’ technique; hold down the ‘sword’ key and back away. You then run around behind Wee Bull and do the same.

Even if you play the game on ‘INSANE’ mode, defeating Wee Bull is difficult, but rest assured it is not impossible!



I didn’t create Weebl and Bob, their likenesses or whatever, I just wrote these games as a tribute to a cartoon that makes me laugh.