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BeatMuppet - Live Looping LP

By Gavin Davies

Live looping album recorded using a Boss RC20XL pedal, a Cort 6 string bass and an acoustic guitar. All a bit experimental and winged on the fly. Standard! I gigged some of this stuff, it was a trainwreck and I almost flung my bass in a skip on the way home!

The little Behringer mixing desk in this photo is still going strong, I used it on loads of the of the Shinbones Man stuff! I can see in the screenshot I’m on, which I helped run for many years.

I love you i miss you

Download I love you i miss you.mp3


Download Reliant.mp3

Statement of Intent

Download Statement of Intent.mp3

at the gates

Download at the gates.mp3

freestyle - captain america

Download freestyle - captain america.mp3

gorgeous loops 2

Download gorgeous loops 2.mp3

gorgeous loops 3

Download gorgeous loops 3.mp3

gorgeous loops

Download gorgeous loops.mp3

harlmonic reggae

Download harlmonic reggae.mp3

tension alpha

Download tension alpha.mp3

walk to the night

Download walk to the night.mp3

what to say

Download what to say.mp3

on the hills

Download on the hills.mp3

Cheer You Up

Download cheer-you-up.mp3

“Cheer You Up” is clearly the best track on the album! I found it in some random folder of tracks made for