Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Words of knowledge, words of light

By Gavin Davies

A rather interesting day – in church this morning, I was working the sound desk, first time I’ve ever mixed a full band.

Incredibly nerve wracking, particularly as two more experienced guys were shadowing me, resulting in slightly shaky hands on my part!

The preaching was on healing, and we had what Christians refer to as a “word of knowledge”, in this instance a prediction that someone with a duff knee who had undergone unsuccessful surgery would seek healing. This was given to the preacher before he preached. It turned out to be absolutely correct, and incidentally the guy was the bass player in the worship band, so I pegged it up to the stage and filled in on 4 strings as he went for prayer. Life, and God in particular, keeps surprising me! The dude in question went for a run around the block afterwards and said that his knee was holding good form for the first time in ages.

Anyway, this was categorically no Derren Brown trickery; there’s no reason for these guys to pull that kind of stuff. Sometimes, God just does stuff we can’t explain, and He chooses in His gracious kindness to do it through regular people.