Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Asia K

By Gavin Davies

I played in classical pianist and singer/songwriter Asia K’s backing band

Asia, Josh, Chris and I played in an iterant worship team and we became great friends.

Eventually, Asia confessed she’d written some songs so we put a band together and gigged them :-)


  • Asia K - vocals, keyboards
  • Josh Morris - guitar
  • Chris Halliday - drums
  • Me - bass

Over the years, we played weddings as well.

Asia and I also did a few gigs as just the two of us, with me beatboxing as I’d later go on to do with Jo Tidy.

The recordings on this page are only live recordings, we didn’t even mix them.

1: Field of memories

Download Field of memories.mp3

2: Lost in translation

Download Lost in translation.mp3

3: Deception

Download Deception.mp3

4: Song For You

Download Song For You.mp3