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Battle Platforms

By Gavin Davies

A Flash Danmaku (“Bullet Hell”) shooter. Playable in-browser.

Here is the game running under the Ruffle Flash player (or OG Flash if you’ve got it!):

  • WASD: move
  • Mouse click / tap: fire

The engine worked nicely, but I never finished the game. The engine is based on M. Mode but supports way more onscreen firepower and has modules for bullet patters (I think).

download BattlePlatforms_8.swf (Actionscript 2 version)

The one below is the a more recent version that was developed in ActionScript 3, but I have no way to play it myself so no idea if it works! (I don’t think Ruffle supports AS3)

download BattlePlatforms_Jon.swf (Actionscript 3 version)