Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

I'm writing a book

By Gavin Davies

I’ve been writing a book lately…

I’ve been writing a book lately. They say everyone has one in them, and mine is just over half way out of me I guess!

My book is up to 36 pages (each is very short and self-contained so only 7000 words in total) and I guess it’s >50% written. I want to self-publish electronically, but I have very specific ideas on layout. I’ve looked at LeanPub but I’m not sure my format of “short, 1-page, self-contained, standalone chapters” will work on their platform.

What are the options?

I’ll be looking around, but what I want to deliver is a short, readable book for programmers that talks about attitude and culture. Each chapter talks briefly about one topic and can be read standalone in 30 seconds or so. Therefore, I want to be able to specify how it looks on the page/screen.

Am I asking too much?