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gavD - Spice Zombies demo

By Gavin Davies

5 song rock’n’roll demo written with the Lon Chaney 5 in mind, but never got used

I played all the instruments and sang on these. I really like these songs! They were a lot of fun, I didn’t spend much time on them, they flowed out quite nicely in less than an hour each.

Track 1 - Spice Zombies

Download Spice Zombies.mp3

Track 2 - Attack of the 50ft Bird

Download Attack of the 50ft Bird.mp3

Track 3 - Bruce Lee’s Alive

Download Bruce Lee’s Alive.mp3

Track 4 - 20 Years Under the Iron

Download 20 years under the iron.mp3

Track 5 - Blame

Download Blame.mp3