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The Lon Chaney 5 - Howling Revolution

By Gavin Davies

I played bass and sang backing vocals in this punk, ska and rock and roll band.

Unfortunately this band came to an end, but before we did, we recorded this EP!

Available for purchase and streaming on:

… and many more platforms! The streaming fees and sales go towards paying for the Distrokid account that keeps it online, but we’ve never come close to breaking even yet!

All songs written by the Lon Chaney 5 (Tony Fleming, Dave Evans, Ryan Griffiths (whom I also played with in Smoking Faces), Jon Perry (VWF) and myself).

Here’s what our website looked like:

The very colourful shots below are by Ric Bower:

I think that I peaked that night! I’ve never looked that good before or since! Haha.

And some gig shots from after I cut my hair. I’m using a borrowed bass in these shots, I think my Fender let me down on the night if I recall? Sorry but I don’t know who took these:

I was allowed to sing in this band!

1: Middle Aged Werewolf

Download Middle Aged Werewolf.mp3

2: Ebola Rock’n’Rolla

Download Ebola Rock’n’Rolla.mp3

3: Revolution

Download Revolution.mp3

4: Gangster’s Molls

Download Gangster’s Molls.mp3

5: Rock’n’Roll Cliche

Download Rock’n’Roll Cliche.mp3