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Markov Chain Modular

By Gavin Davies

Earlier this year, I wrote a series of stories about a fictionalised version of my mate “Robbo”. These stories became increasingly silly and forumulaic, until I had the idea of feeding them through a Markov chain to generate a new story.

I then converted that story to audio using Apple Say, and dragged the clips into Garageband, then routed them out through a stereo splitter I built and through my modular gear - left side through my main rack, right side through my Neutron.

I’ll post on my blog in more detail about this - it was a lot of fun!

Any yes, this is stretching the definition of 30 minute jam - the computer side was done in advance, but the patching and recording was done in 30 minutes :-)

Download Markov-Chain-Modular.mp3