Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Don't Shudder

By Gavin Davies

Lead from the Neutron. Bass comes from cycling through the waveforms of the White Lines oscillator using a sequential switch with every 4th bar left empty. Stabs from the other white lines through the audio divider.

Sequenced the drums solely using the clock divider, which today for some reason I was able to get to work as I wanted it to, which meant I could flip the random switch on the Synthrotek Sequence 8 to bring in some chaos about half way through. Used a switch to flip between the regular snare placement and placing it on every beat.

Lots of subtle modulations going on as well with LFOs into PWM and very slightly deliberate drifting of the tuning.

30 minute jam - patched and performed inside 30 minutes (or thereabouts)

Download Don’t-Shudder.mp3