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Arduino Nano Granular Drone build (with video)

By Gavin Davies

I built an Arduino Nano Granular Drone Synth

I bought some PCBs from Krustpunkhippy ( ) , this is the first I’ve built . It was a really easy solder.

I’m a novice at this stuff and I wasn’t sure what pots to solder on - I used 10k ones; other arduino designs seem to use 5k. Ah well, it works!

I did a dodgy socketing job so I can lift out the Nano if I want; I could solder the nano to the board I guess (not sure about doing that yet, though, they’re expensive!)

The jack socket is just floating on some wires so it’s a bit crackly.

I’m astonished this worked, like I say, I’m a novice!

The software uses the Mozzi library

None of this is “my work” except the soldering/assembly!