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Hand made guitar boost pedal build

By Gavin Davies

I built a super simple opamp based boost pedal using a kit from eBay. There’s a tiny little piece of stripboard in there with the components soldered to it.

It’s a tiny bit noisy at very high settings (the gain on it goes UNBELIEVABLY high!) and crackly when moving the pot, but also, the amp I’m using barely works at all and I have to hit it sometimes to get it to make noise!

The pick I’m using in the demo is one my dad 3d printed for me. Feels a bit strange - a little “sticky” on the strings - but not as bad as I’d have expected.

My first attempt didn’t make any sound - turned out I’d put in the jacks upside down so had the wires back to front as a result, but once I desoldered that and fixed it, it worked straight away.

I should really do a teardown and find any sources of noise, poor solder joints etc, but for now I’m just delighted that it works.