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Fazley Mammoth £230 7 string bass guitar review

By Gavin Davies

A 7 string bass for £230?! I bought one and reviewed it…

This 7 string bass is priced low enough that I bought it out of curiosity. I’ve had it a few weeks now.

It’s a perfectly playable instrument with an OK sound for the money, but:

  1. The tuners clash (can hit one another!) and aren’t very good
  2. The fingerboard markers on my instrument are in the wrong places
  3. The circuit makes a strange noise
  4. You can take either battery out and it still works
  5. Output is weak

[3] [4] and [5] may be caused by faulty wiring, at some point when I’m feeling brave I might have a go at sorting it out.

In general, I’d say that this bass is great for me to play at home, but I wouldn’t use it in the studio or in church or a gig.

See also my conversion of a 7 string bass from active to passive for when I modified this bass!