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Gear4Music Chicago 6 £159.99 6 string bass guitar review

By Gavin Davies

I miss the 6 string basses I used to have, so I ordered a cheap one from Gear4Music… Only £159.99! Is it rough? Or is it actually usable?

Short version of the review - it’s OK-ish, but:

  1. It’s a neck diver
  2. Lower horn is too stubby to rest on your leg
  3. Mine arrived with the wrong gauge string on the top string, had to replace it
  4. Pickups are very weak
  5. Low B string sound is weaker still, very quiet
  6. A tiny bit noisy but not too bad

So, for the money, it’s playable enough, but I wouldn’t gig/record with it.

Note that in October, I modded this bass - read more about that here!