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Shinbones Man - Acid Quest

By Gavin Davies

Acid-inspired electronic music album, performed live on (mostly) analog instruments

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All songs are recorded “DAWless” - a computer was only used to record the mixdown.

Most of the gear was analog, except “Grubby Acid” which uses an Elektron Model:Cycles and 8 Neptune Floorman, which uses a Roland T-8.

Track 1 - Acid Tower

Download Acid-Tower.mp3

Track 2 - Acid Island

Download Acid-Island.mp3

Track 3 - Concussed Birdies

Download Concussed-Birdies.mp3

Track 4 - Richard Acid Challenge

Download Richard-Acid-Challenge.mp3

Track 5 - Grubby Acid

Download Grubby-Acid.mp3

Track 6 - Acid Garden

Download Acid-Garden.mp3

Track 7 - Babboy Clouds

Download Babboy-Clouds.mp3

Track 8 - 8 Neptune Floorman

Download 8-Neptune-Floorman.mp3