Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Shinbones Man - Cryptid Live

By Gavin Davies

Analog synthwave, synthpop, industrial and soundscape songs. All performed live, recorded straight off the mixing board.

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  4. DistroKid.
  5. …Loads of other places! Just search for “Shinbones Man Cryptid”

Track-by-track breakdown below.

Jammed around with some patterns on the Beatstep Pro

Download Popular-Music.mp3

It’s Coming From Next Door

Influenced a bit by Gas here, the “party next door muffled techno” sound… I like the second passage much better than the first, where I’m just riding the spectrum on the NW-1, some pretty moments in there. Sequenced on the Oberkorn. Used a sequential switch to get an extended 48 node sequence.

Download Its-Coming-From-Next-Door.mp3

The Shadow On The Stairs

Analog eurorack + SR16 drums + Arturian sequencing gubbins.

Having seen the prophet Isaiah, King Hezekiah on his sickbed saw the shadows go backwards and was healed by God to reign another 15 years.

Download The-Shadow-On-The-Stairs.mp3

Indecision Killer

Moody four to the floor Eurorack synthesis with lots of fuzzy, wobbly, distorted modulations.

SR16 on the 1s and 2s

Download Indecision-Killer.mp3


Somewhat electro/ragga influenced little sketch. I left the patched hooked up from the sketch I did earlier today (“Struggling Upwards”).

Now I’ve hooked the Alesis SR-16 into the Beatstep Pro, the SR-16 is a great little drum machine, very articulate.

I like the groove here, I might do something a bit more deliberate with it…

Download Trunkies.mp3

Pirate Daddy Krell

Had this patch on my mind for a few days and took a break from work to build it, pleased with how it sounds

Download Pirate-Daddy-Krell.mp3

Why Art Thou Downcast Within Me?

Got a nice nasty sub bass at a sweet spot on the Wasp filter, but couldn’t reliably dial it in, it kept drifting away!

I mucked up a few of the drops on this - I wish the beatstep had an “unmute on beat 1” option like it does with pattern changes… Maybe it does! Eh, that’s live music though!

One of the best bits is the tremolo pedal - adjusting that in real time on the lead line, lots of interesting modulation.

As usual, I’m tweaking everything as I go.

I know it’s a curate’s egg, but this might be my favourite thing I’ve recorded.

Download Why-Art-Thou-Downcast-Within-Me.mp3


Live analog space music from my cupboard.

Workflow: I write melody and bassline sequences on the Keystep, and use the Beatstep Pro to “record” them via Midi. These are output over 2 CV channels from the Beatstep Pro into the Eurorack.

Bass sound blends a low pass filtered wave with a band pass filtered wave, various modulations going on.

Drums (Alesis SR-16) are sequenced over Midi.

Mixed on a tiny nearly 20 year old Behringer UB802 mixer. Still going strong!

Lots of effects are used! Phaser + delay on lead chorus on bass, reverb. I did a lot of live tweaking of the Eurorack, some live rolling and drum fills, and switch the sequences on the fly.

Download Astro.mp3

Bear One Another’s Burdens

Overwhelmed with sadness today as mask block faces, rules separate families, communities fear even breathing one another’s air, and the world sinks ever deeper into despair. But there’s one, and only one, hope. There’s an innocent man who once carried a cross. He bids us carry our crosses with Him, and to bear one another’s burdens and in doing so fulfil the law of love.

Download Bear-One-Another’s-Burdens.mp3

For All Those I Miss Like Crazy

Used the wav folder to make a lead sound, and got a “breathy” bass from the NW-1. I love that aspect of the NW-1 - the noise is so organic - and modulating it with an AR envelope gives it a real human feeling. Ran all the sequences from the Beatstep Pro with a tiny bit of randomness to keep it interesting.

Download For-All-Those-I-Miss-Like-Crazy.mp3

Stay Forever

Routing sounds through the patch bay to apply lots of effects!

The Oberkorn sequencer is providing the main line, with a one note chugging bassline via a second oscillator.

Download Stay-Forever.mp3

Inevitable Pariah

Jamming on the Arturia Keystep through the NW-1 oscillator. Beats are from the RD-6, I compressed the snare. Keystep works well for me, although I’m extremely clumsy on keyboards, arpeggiators are quite forgiving!

Download Inevitable-Pariah.mp3

The Ashes of Civilisation

Possibly the biggest, nastiest bass sound I’ve made so far, with some clumsily played shimmering leads over the top

Download The-Ashes-of-Civilisation.mp3

Air Hunger

What I love most is playing with filters as a track is running, and that’s what this is! Tinkering with all the knobs on the NW-1 for the strange “breathing” sound as well as adjusting the Wasp filter for the bassline

Download Air-Hunger.mp3


Electronic ditty - now I’ve got the Beatstep Pro in easy reach of my now child “proofed” setup, I found some old sequences on there and messed about with them to get a jaunty little bouncy swingy thing. I really like chorus on synth lines, fattens them up like a detuned oscillator…

Download Jaunty.mp3

Lunar Torrents

My 4-year-old daughter programmed the drums on this and directed me to patch them through the compressor! The LFO on the filter was her idea also. The rest of the track is ambient effects, largely arising from the NW-1 cycling slowly through a wavetable, and the oscillators through a fold processor into an angry band pass filter, with a bit of noise passed through a high pass filter for a classic wind sound.

Download Lunar-Torrents.mp3

Be Safe Dear One

Sequenced on the Oberkorn and tweaked live. Thanks to “I Don’t Like Ducks”, I got my reverb to clean up (I just needed some attenuation - Eurorack signals are hot!) and I’m really pleased with how this turned out. My wife and kids are away and this track is my approximation of how that feels.

Download Be-Safe-Dear-One.mp3