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Novel Tides (with video)

By Gavin Davies

My first play with the Make Noise 0-Coast semi-modular synth. This thing’s a beaut when combined with the Oberkorn analog sequencer! The additive approach of adding overtones and harmonics is a pretty new world to me; I’ve used a wave folder before but not had this level of flexibility.

By the way, my new album, “Cryptid Live”, is out on all the big gross big tech platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple), or of course for free on my website

Download Novel-Tides.mp3

It’s hard to film in a cupboard at the best of times; the occasional camera shaking is my dancing! The camera is a phone on a tiny tripod on top of my bass case, which is stood on its side so a pretty precarious arrangement! The sequencer’s out of shot on a shelf above the modular.