Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Shouts out to Cultural Christianity

By Gavin Davies

In some circles it’s common to hate on “cultural Christianity” but what better evangelism is there than for people to grow up in the church, hearing the Word, observing the sacraments, being amongst God’s people?

Such it was for me too, so when I started sincerely being broken over my sin and seeking the Lord, I knew roughly Who I was looking for. I was so blessed to have a Godly, fierce lady who was my Anglican Sunday school teacher. I’ve come to really appreciate Margaret! Those seeds took decades to germinate.

I think that the only evangelism model much of Big Eva recognises is the model whereby life must become an absolute catastrophe and salvation only comes in response to that. There are other paths to resting at Jesus’ feet other than becoming a homeless crackhead first!

Who knows what Jesus may be doing in the churches each of us attends? Something a Baptist pastor friend of mine said at a recent theology night has really stuck with me; about what a long game faith it can be for some in the congregation, and how hard that is to pastor.

Oh, to live once more in a culture bathed in the Gospel! Not all will believe, but to have the Lord’s Word revered in a society is the highest social good from which all other societal virtues flow.