Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

The King of Ninevah

By Gavin Davies

Kings, rulers, freedom, the will, liberty and modernism

In my eldest child’s favourite bible story, The King of Ninevah mandates a fast and repentance.

It strikes me that we’re so individualistic that if this were done today, our society, even Christians, would be “nooooooo muh free will and personal choice!”

Yet, God held back His wrath on Ninevah. Jonah, sat there with his popcorn, didn’t see fireballs dropping and he was fumin’.

Imagine a sincerely Christian Prime Minister calling for public repentance for abortion, for example. The demons would be howling in the streets in rage. It would be amazing.

Do we overplay the importance of personal liberties in matters of faith? It’s a very modern notion, after all…

We cannot enter the space of a 9th century peasant; we are children of the ashes Maybe the progs are partially right on one thing - “no bad tactics, only bad targets”.

Lockdowns were mandated.

Fidelity in marriage is not (unlike under the law of God, for example).

I didn’t choose to be male I didn’t choose to be 5’11” I didn’t choose to be born I didn’t choose my parents I didn’t choose the good and bad parts of my psychology and health I didn’t choose the colour of my childrens’ eyes

Further; I don’t believe I was born again of my own free will, but by the gracious intervention of the Spirit of God.

This isn’t the same thing as fatalism. I’m responsible for what I personally do.