Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Fighting In Dreams (with video)

By Gavin Davies

Why can’t we punch or run in our dreams? American friends tell me their bullets in their dreams just dribble out of their guns! Does this point to our helplessness against spiritual entities? What (or who!) can protect us in our dreams?

I made a srs documentary with lots of research.

It’s about doing duffy punches and basheroos, and how you can’t when you’re asleep.


Americans, who are allowed guns because they live in a fractionally more super country, report that in their dreams, their gats don’t clack! They can’t pop off! Just like man can’t do dreamy duffy bears.

But! If demons be infesting your sleep, calling out to Jesus Christ drives them away. That’s a serious bit. That really happens. Demons are terrified of the divine Son of God!

I wonder if on some level our dreams show our human powerlessness against spiritual forces. We instinctively understand that. All our technology, training, experience etc is of no value against the unseen forces. In our dreams, we feel our spiritual vulnerability.

“our weapons are not of this world”, “apart from Me you can do nothing” etc.

However, the name of King Jesus is super powerful… It’s not a magic word or a talisman, it’s crying out to the One who is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, through whom all creation was created… The Word of God! Fully God, fully man, to whom every knee shall bow. We don’t invoke Him like a spell, we cry out to Him as weak, needy creatures, recognising His Lordship, His claim to us.

And the darkness flees. How could it do otherwise? It is TERRIFIED of Him.