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Mitty the Kitty 3d printed sprite (with STL)

By Gavin Davies

I love the sprite my eldest kid designed so much that I 3d printed it

The Arduboy game I made with my kids, Mitty the Kitty, has a great cat sprite that my eldest designed:

First phase was to remake the sprite in TinkerCad. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING:

I exported this, then imported it into Chitubox:

Five hours of printing later, I snuck downstairs in the night, washed it in IPA with a toothbrush, and left it in the garden because I don’t have a UV curer.

A few hours later, the sun came up, and cured it. Beautiful!

I’ll get the kids to paint it :-)

Download MittyTheKitty.stl

Play Mitty the Kitty