Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Shinbones Man - Lizard In The Dune

By Gavin Davies

Aberdyfi and Cardiff // crabbing and cars // sickness and health // friends and family. Vocals : sky.mice

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Track-by-track breakdown below.

1 Lizard In The Dune

Live drum’n’bass performed on the Electron Model:Cycles and Pocket Operator sampler. Recorded in holiday in Aberdyfi. Sky Mice on vocals.

Download Lizard-In-The-Dunes.mp3

2 Chuggy Wuggies

Live lofi electronic music recorded on holiday in Aberdyfi

Download Chuggy-Wuggies-ft-Sky-Mice.mp3

3 Warm Scum (with video)

I’ve been more into electronics repair of late but the Model:Cycles was calling to me…

Download Warm-Scum

4 Quarry (with video)

Ambient track. Noise processed through Behringer 914 fixed filter bank.

Download Quarry.mp3