16. September 2018

Love and the Imago Dei

At Church I saw a young father holding his baby, and in that moment something moved in me. Here’s my attempt at unpacking it


29. August 2018

Getting into Game Development

I was recently introduced to a young person who was looking to make her own games. I had a brief conversation with her sharing my experience of making indie games in the first decade of the 2000s, and I thought I would write down what I see as the key points.


23. February 2018

Sermon at the Open Door, January 2018

I was asked to speak at a church service in Cardiff. Here is the message I gave. I’m not a trained preacher but did my best to speak the truth as I understand it.


05. August 2015

New book – Using Build Tools

Recently, I was contacted by the folks at 5 Simple Steps and they asked me to write a “Fast Read” guide to build tools such as Gulp, Broccoli and Grunt…


08. May 2015

About persuasion

Thing about the times that somebody has persuaded you of something – when you’ve changed your views……


03. March 2015

My wedding speech

On the 21st February 2015, I got married to a truly wonderful woman and on the day I made a speech, as is convention…