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Welcome to my site!

I am a Christian living in Wales who works as a programmer. This is a home for my games and my writing and links to projects I am working on.

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Most recent games

  • M. Mode

    4th April, 2011

    A highly fashionable shoot ’em up! Control Thomas the spinning horse and survive as long as you can!

  • Atak-A-Chik

    20th April, 2009

    What would YOU do if an upset giant was crying chickens?

  • Amoeba Amoeba

    18th October, 2006

    The most realistic simulation of Amoeboid combat ever devised! Old ladies battle men holding sausage dogs!

  • Rotting Onslaught

    16th December, 2005

    “They’re coming – they’re everywhere!” Squad based RTS where you battle zombie hordes

  • Jingle Ballistics

    11th December, 2005

    A 1 on 1 beat ’em up featuring the characters of Christmas

  • End of Nightmares

    9th June, 2005

    A classic Streets Of Rage style beat ’em up where a young boy has to face his own nightmares

    Beautifully animated by Mark Bankhead

  • Take To The Streets

    11th February, 2005

    Digitised brawler in the style of Final Fight. Did I ever look that young?!

  • Pixelville Pensioners

    8th April, 2004

    In Pixelville Pensioners, you play as an 8-bit sprite trying to build a home for your friends. Characters from classic ZX Spectrum games like Manic Miner, Chuckie Egg, New Zealand Story, Skool Daze and Sabrewulf help you on your quest.

  • Inverse Shooter (released 2004)

    5th April, 2004

    An inversion of the shooter genre where you play as the base commander

  • Beat Quest

    4th April, 2004

    For all at, a simple retro platformer with ZX81 inspired visuals.

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