Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

In Perpetuum

By Gavin Davies

Early MIDI and sample experiments.

Like Nux Vomica, In Perpetuum was a facade band where I had different personas. Honestly I’m not 100% sure of the timeline here.

Muzzle - The Remixes

Not really remixes, more covers I guess, these are tracks using the same chords and lyrics of a couple of Frank’s Muzzle songs.

All done in Cakewalk and WaveStudio. Timing on my vocals is dreadful!

The Braincloud version is very similar to some other tracks from this era but distinctive in having vocals. Again, not my lyrics, Frank’s, over the chords of the Muzzle original.

Download muzzle-the-remixes.mp3

Jellybean Boy cassette

Download In Perpetuum - Jellybean Boy.mp3

The lyrics are on this cassette liner I found:

I think Seethe’s on one of the other tapes, it’s somewhere on this site! Might have ended up a Winter or Nux Vomica track?

Recording setup during this time:

Schizo cassette

I can’t find this one, just the sleeve

Muzzle/In Perpetuum - Braincloud

No cassette in this one, just the sleeve, although Braincloud appears on several other tapes.

Muzzle/In Perpetuum - Last Breath (Halitosis Mix)

Download In Perpetuum - Last Breath Halitosis Mix.mp3