Frail and faltering follower of Jesus


By Gavin Davies

A name for my music projects in my college years. Mostly MIDI synth, a few samples, and quite dark.

“This Painful Little Game” Cassette

An EP I guess. I never managed to get these cassettes out to anybody though! College years were an extremely confused and conflicted time in my life (even by MY standards!) and this comes out in the music I think.

There is some fairly dark music on here in places…

Download Winter - This Painful Little Game.mp3

“Boy” Cassette

I was playing in a Christian punk bank called “Doxology” at this point. I would do “remixes”, in the sense that Aphex Twin’s song on the NIN Further Down The Spiral was a “remix” - I’d do a track using the same chords, but totally built from the ground up. “Boy” is such a track.

“Burnt” is the B-side here, which is an original “composition” (if you could call it that!). “Burnt” has a sample of a willow warbler on it - I thought I could make songs out of bird song, I thought this was terribly clever!

Download Winter - Boy.mp3

Recording setup during this time: