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Samba Lucas Band - Live Demos

By Gavin Davies

Samba Lucas has written some amazing songs and I was fortunate enough to be his bass player for a while.

Band lineup:

  • Samba Lucas - vocals, acoustic guitar, primary songwriter. Samba is a multi-instrumentalist and wrote most of the songs in demo form, playing the instruments himself.
  • Matt Miles - lead guitar
  • Steve Jones - drums
  • Gav Davies - bass

Samba Lucas Band - Vos Ist Los (live)

Download Samba Lucas Band - Vos Ist Los live).mp3

Samba Lucas Band - Just Friends (live)

Download Samba Lucas Band - Just Friends live.mp3

Samba Lucas Band - Never Speak (live)

Download Samba Lucas Band - Never Speak live.mp3

Samba Lucas Band - I Feel Better (live)

Download Samba Lucas Band - I Feel Better live.mp3

Those 4 were a little live demo we sent to venues (I think!). To this day, “I Feel Better” is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard.

Samba Lucas Band - Rhapcity (live, 4 Nov 2004)

Download Samba Lucas Band - Rhapcity.mp3

Samba Lucas Band - Control (live, 16 Dec 2004)

Download Samba Lucas Band - Control.mp3

Best guitarist I ever played with, that guy… It was an absolute pleasure. I wish I’d been more musically mature, I kept trying to do stuff beyond my ability that didn’t fit the song, but Matt was always absolutely fantastic.

some, possibly all, of these photos were taken by Ross Storr

A few more songs below that I found on an old HDD:

1 Sep - Jonny take 2

Download 1 Sep - Jonny take 2.mp3

1 Sep - Just Friends

Download 1 Sep - Just Friends.mp3

16 Dec 2004 - control

Download 16 Dec 2004 - control.mp3

18 Nov - You Lost

Download 18 Nov - You Lost.mp3

don’t fall down

Download don’t fall down.mp3

Assorted jams

We recorded a lot of our practise sessions… Here are a few clips

16 Dec 2004 - funk jam

Download 16 Dec 2004 - funk jam.mp3

16 Dec 2004 - melodic driving jam

Download 16 Dec 2004 - melodic driving jam.mp3

16 Dec 2004 - melodic rocking bassline jam

Download 16 Dec 2004 - melodic rocking bassline jam.mp3

18 Nov - Funk jam

Download 18 Nov - Funk jam.mp3

18 Nov - Hawkwind jam (NIN)

Download 18 Nov - Hawkwind jam (NIN).mp3

18 Nov - Longer Funk jam (a b)

Download 18 Nov - Longer Funk jam (a b).mp3

18 Nov - Major key jam

Download 18 Nov - Major key jam.mp3

2005-01-06 - atmospheric tremelo jam

Download 2005-01-06 - atmospheric tremelo jam.mp3

2005-01-06 - driving dirty funk jam

Download 2005-01-06 - driving dirty funk jam.mp3

2005-01-06 - gorgeous atmospheric jam

Download 2005-01-06 - gorgeous atmospheric jam.mp3

27 Oct - Chilled funk jam

Download 27 Oct - Chilled funk jam.mp3

27 Oct - NIN Jam

Download 27 Oct - NIN Jam.mp3

27 Oct - Rocksteady funk jam with synth bass

Download 27 Oct - Rocksteady funk jam with synth bass.mp3

9 Dec 2004 - atmospheric rock jam

Download 9 Dec 2004 - atmospheric rock jam.mp3

I’m hosting this for archival purposes, if any copyright holders object I can pull it down :-) I figured it’s good to keep it out there though