Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Samba Lucas vs BeatMuppet

By Gavin Davies

Beatbox/hip hop collaboration with SJ and the legendary Samba Lucas. Lead guitar by Matt Miles.

1 Kick’em In The Back

Much of the mid-2000s era saw me beatboxing as “BeatMuppet”. This track is a collaboration with S.J. and Samba Lucas.

I’m not sure who played the post-chorus guitar hook - if it was me, then it’s the best lead guitar I’ve ever played! May it was Samba? EDIT: I checked my old website, it was Matt Miles of the Samba Lucas Band which explains why it was so good!

Hook/bass/guitar: BeatMuppet

Verse 1: Samba Lucas

Verse 2, beats: S.J.

Lead guitar: Matt Miles

Download beatmuppetsjsamba_kickemintheback.mp3

Matt, Samba and ‘BeatMuppet’ on stage as the Samba Lucas Band

2 I Lit A Fire

Man, Samba is a legend! I played bass and programmed the beats on this.

Verse 1 is Samba rapping; he also sang the chorus. Verse 2 is me.

Download i lit a fire.mp3

In my beatboxing days!