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Pazzman 2 (QBasic)

By Gavin Davies

QBasic game where you have to break your mates out of an insane asylum so you can cause havoc in a nightclub.

QBasic game I made on PC. Pazzman was a character my friend Karl and I invented. We used to make “Pazzman magazines” where Pazzman did terrible things, and we’d laugh ourselves sick.

You will need QBASIC.exe to run this game. I’ve not bundled it ‘cos I don’t know if that would be legal. QBasic runs just fine under DoxBox, even on a mac :-)

My 90s games were pretty juvenile, I’ve tried to keep them as-is but for the sake of conscience, I’ve sanitised the language a bit.

Pazzman 2 included an idea from my mate Davey J. In Pazzman 1, the animation was done by “sleep 1”, so a second between each frame. I couldn’t find a way to animate (I barely knew QBasic!) and Dave suggested “hey, use a very short play sound with volume zero” and what do you know, it worked! Single threaded for the win!

The engine for Pazzman 2 is better than Pazzman 1, but it still uses line numbers and GOTO for just about everything! There’s a lot of copypasta. A tiny part of me wants to refactor it!

/articles/qbasic-pazzman2/pazzman2_7.png The setup for the game is totally ridiculous

/articles/qbasic-pazzman2/pazzman2_2.png Pazzman aggressively asks where his friend is

/articles/qbasic-pazzman2/pazzman2_3.png On arrival at “Bin Loone”, Pazzman sets about breaking in

/articles/qbasic-pazzman2/pazzman2_4.png Terribly drawn pantry

/articles/qbasic-pazzman2/pazzman2_5.png Pazzman finds a hallway upstairs in “Bin Loone”

/articles/qbasic-pazzman2/pazzman2_6.png The end boss of the game