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Matt and Gav VWF - The Sweatbox Sessions

By Gavin Davies

Collaboration with Matt Rimmer from Vibration White Finger. The production is all over the place but this are still some of my favourite songs I’ve ever co-written.

I recorded a lot of demos in Making Waves, Rebirth, and Cubase SX whilst at Uni, and I’d send them to Matt, who would write lyrics and melodies. One summer, we got together in my parents house and Matt laid down some vocals on my copy of Cubase SX.

I remember that session so well, I was just stunned with what Matt came up with.

Listening back, even to this day, I think Matt’s melodies and poetry here are really moving, and although my production is idiosyncratic to say the least, I just love these recordings.

“Candle” and “Statement of Intent” would go on to be Vibration White Finger (VWF) songs, although if I’m honest, I always preferred these demos.

1 - Statement of Intent

Download 1 - Statement of Intent.mp3

2 - Next Shot Won’t Miss

Download 2 - Next Shot Won’t Miss.mp3

3 - Finale

Download 3 - Finale.mp3

4 - Candle

Download 4 - Candle.mp3