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Vibration White Finger - Aberystwyth Era

By Gavin Davies

Recordings from the Aberystwyth University era of Vibration White Finger

This was a second incarnation of Vibration White Finger. I don’t think any recordings survive of the first era, with Meg singing.

This is a mix of live recordings alongside some studio recordings that Curig did.

Cast Iron Love Song (live) copy

Download Cast Iron Love Song (live) copy.mp3

Cast Iron Love Song (live)

Download Cast Iron Love Song (live).mp3

Kung Fu Zoom

Download Kung Fu Zoom.mp3

Live Jam

Download Live Jam.mp3

Moog Unit (live)

Download Moog Unit (live).mp3

Moog Unit

Download Moog Unit.mp3

Solitary Sting

Download Solitary Sting.mp3

Statement of Intent

Download Statement of Intent.mp3

Stef Plays The Blues live

Download Stef Plays The Blues live.mp3

Stef Plays The Blues

Download Stef Plays The Blues.mp3

Sure Enough old arrangement

Download Sure Enough old arrangement.mp3


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