Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

gavD - Richmond Road sessions

By Gavin Davies

Songs recorded in the year or so after leaving university.

Leaving uni broke my heart. I don’t know if I really got over it until my kids were born. It was so strange to not be in that environment any more, I didn’t handle the change well at all.

This era saw me write a lot of angry, confused songs. Metal was creeping back into my musicality.

One of these songs, “Overdrive”, became “Overload”, a Vibration White Finger track. One of these songs I would use later in collaborations - like Butterfly.

There are clear influences here from Primal Scream, RHCP, Primus and nu metal.

The last 7 tracks are bass solos, I think I was envisaging some kind of suite of styles, but really it’s just mostly aimless noodling!

01 Intro

Download 01 Intro.mp3

02 Pressure Cooker

Download 02 Pressure Cooker.mp3

03 All Is Not Lost

Download 03 All Is Not Lost.mp3

04 Beatbox Digital

Download 04 Beatbox Digital.mp3

05 Cauldron Nails

Download 05 Cauldron Nails.mp3

06 Castle Walls

Download 06 Castle Walls.mp3

Shoegaze/black metal/breakcore song.

Whilst obviously most black metal bands are spiritually very dark, and I don’t recommend listening to it on that account, I’ve always loved the sound and production of black metal - the tremolo picked guitars and sheer noise of it can create an amazing soundscape. I had a guitar teacher at university - Huw Davies - who showed me how to play this way and I always enjoyed it musically speaking.

07 Open Eyes

Download 07 Open Eyes.mp3

08 No Ballad

Download 08 No Ballad.mp3

09 What It Is

Download 09 What It Is.mp3

10 Overdrive

Download 10 Overdrive.mp3

11 Coastline

Download 11 Coastline.mp3

12 Left For Dead

Download 12 Left For Dead.mp3

13 Life Torn Out

Download 13 Life Torn Out.mp3

14 Soul Architect bass solo

Download 14 Soul Architect bass solo.mp3

15 Nu Funk

Download 15 Nu Funk.mp3

16 Pencil Bass

Download 16 Pencil Bass.mp3

17 Screaming Symphony

Download 17 Screaming Symphony.mp3

18 Time Breaks

Download 18 Time Breaks.mp3

19 Tap

Download 19 Tap.mp3

20 Butterfly

Download 20 Butterfly.mp3

21 Come In From The Cold

Download 21 Come In From The Cold.mp3

22 Unwritten

Download 22 Unwritten.mp3

23 Claustrophobic

Download 23 Claustrophobic.mp3

24 Snake Style

Download 24 Snake Style.mp3

25 Iron Fan Style

Download 25 Iron Fan Style.mp3

26 Monkey Style

Download 26 Monkey Style.mp3

27 Track 27

Download 27 Track 27.mp3

28 Track 28

Download 28 Track 28.mp3

29 Track 29

Download 29 Track 29.mp3

30 Track 30

Download 30 Track 30.mp3

31 Track 31

Download 31 Track 31.mp3