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Vibration White Finger - 2002 Demo

By Gavin Davies

Funk/Rock band I used to play bass in. We recorded this 3 track demo in a studio on a farm somewhere, I believe!

Band lineup for this recording was:

  • Matt “Price” - drums
  • Me - bass
  • Matt Rimmer - vox
  • Sean Cox - guitar
  • Jon Perry - trumpet (Jon also played in the Lon Chaney 5, Bleeding Lip and a number of wedding bands with me)
  • Ben Joiner - sax (Ben went on to front Bleeding Lip, which Jon and I also played in)
  • Stef Kilby - percussion

Track 1 - Movin’ Thru

Download 01 Movin Thru.mp3

Track 2 - Kung Fu Zoom

Download 02 Kung Fu Zoom.mp3

Track 3 - Overload

Download 03 Overload.mp3

Man, this one is a banger!

I’m hosting this for archival purposes, if any of the other copyright holders object I can pull it down :-)

Kung Fu Zoom bass tab

Gigging in the Cooper’s Arms. I think this may have been 2002 or 2003 because I’m wearing a Sepultura shirt that drummer Joe Howden kindly gave me.