Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Vibration White Finger - Let's Get Familiar

By Gavin Davies

Produced by Sean Cox and Craig Huws

Band lineup for this recording was:

  • Price - studio drums (Joe Howden replaced Price around this time, and did the artwork)
  • Me - bass
  • Matt Rimmer - vox
  • Sean Cox - guitar
  • Jon Perry - trumpet (Jon also played in the Lon Chaney 5, Bleeding Lip and a number of wedding bands with me)
  • Ben Joiner - sax (Ben went on to front Bleeding Lip, which Jon and I also played in)
  • Stef Kilby - percussion and acoustic guitar

01 Sure Enough

Download 01 Sure Enough.mp3

02 Stef Plays The Blues

Download 02 Stef Plays The Blues.mp3

03 Kung Fu Zoom

Download 03 Kung Fu Zoom.mp3

Joe is a fantastic graphic designer, he made this logo:

I’m hosting this for archival purposes, if any of the other copyright holders object I can pull it down :-)

We did a radio interview around this time, it’s myself, Matt and Joe:

Download Radio interview Gav Matt Joe.mp3