Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Bleeding Lip

By Gavin Davies

This band only did one show, but it was great fun.

I loved playing in this band. It didn’t survive Ben moving to Chepstow unfortunately, but I found a bunch of recordings we made. These recordings aren’t a formal demo, it’s just stuff we recorded as we were writing and rehearsing.

It was great to bring together these guys into a band - Ben and Jon I’d played with in Vibration White Finger, Rhys I had done kickboxing with, and Craig I had worked with and done gigs with playing covers.

Ben and Craig were the main songwriters. They wrote some really good songs and after years of playing in church and at weddings, it was great to be playing original material again. Also, we were all mature at this point and there weren’t any ego issues - personally, I no longer felt the need to try to prove myself on the bass and was more musical and tasteful in my playing.

Band lineup:

  • Ben Joiner - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, sax
  • Jon Perry - trumpet
  • Craig Marvelley - lead guitar, vocals
  • Rhys John - drums
  • Gav Davies - bass

I designed this logo nearly 10 years after the band ended, but I wanted something to put on the MP3s! It took me about 4 minutes in Adobe Express, I am not a main designer of high effort!

Here’s a photo of Ben and I playing guitar together sometime in the mid to late noughties, happy times:

I’m hosting this for archival purposes, if any copyright holders object I can pull it down :-) I figured it’s good to keep it out there though

1: On A Ledge

Download on-a-ledge-july.mp3

2: Don’t Look Down

Download dont-look-down.mp3

3: Trouble

Download trouble-band-july.mp3

4: Barrage Cinema

Download barrage-cinema-band.mp3

5: Safe From Harm

Download SafeFromHarm-september.mp3

6: Mad Men

Download mad-men.mp3

7: Veneer

Download veneer.mp3

8: Inches away

Download inches-away-demo.mp3

9: Blisters

Download blisters.mp3

10: After All

Download sinking-band.mp3