Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

Life hacking washing up for maximum balance

By Gavin Davies

A life hack to prevent washing up backlogs…

I get terribly backed up on domestic tasks.

Cleaning? I’m a blitz-and-burnout kinda guy who will get the crib spick and span for a girlfriendly visit and then basically eat pizza and code, (figuratively) chucking chicken bones over my shoulder, the rest of the time.

Laundry? I’m up to my neck in clothes (that’s an almost clever joke! Do you see?).

Washing up? AAAARGH it’s a constant bugbear! I was forever building a huge backlog and ending up having to spend over an hour simply washing up until I’d collapse on the slippery floor and weep!

So what I did is boxed up all my crockery except two large plates, two small plates and two bowls. I didn’t box up cutlery, utensils or pans – just the spare plates – and since then, no washing up backlog has accumulated since I did it several weeks ago!

I (sort of) win!