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Introducing Scrapper.js – manage your manager's expectations!

By Gavin Davies

I made a little library…

I made a little library! scrapper.js (dead link removed) is a little jQuery plugin that simple iterates through all divs with class “scrapper” and replaces the background with the image of a scrap of paper, and also makes the text look sorta handwritten.

Why did I do this?

Well, often, you show a manger a form, and they think the system is ready. Unfortunately, there are far more considerations – validation, security, data integrity, load testing – until these things are done, perhaps it’s better if it LOOKS unfinished? Particularly in my world, where I try to deploy at least once every two days!

By the way, this is no bad reflection on managers, it’s a failure on the part of the coder to manage expectations. We have to do that job, as do our managers/team leaders. Agile software development frequently stresses the importance of managing expectations. After all, satisfaction is based on expectation vs outcome, right?

This library is based on recommendations that Andy Hunt made in the book The Pragmatic Programmer.

It needs work – I made that clear on the Github page – but the example works OK!