Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

gavD - Wyverne Sessions

By Gavin Davies

Songs recorded in 2002, a mix of funk, metal, industrial, punk, soundscape and messing about, along with a few quite pretty instrumental pieces.

Many of these were intended as demos for my band at the time, Vibration White Finger.

Some heavier tracks like “Grind”.

SOME of my bass playing is noticeably tighter at this point than on older recordings… Some is still a fiasco! I remember I had a Behringer V-Amp and an envelope filter.

Quite interesting to hear “Digitial Mutilation”, no recollection at all of how I made that!

01 Muppet Mafia Manifesto

Download 01 Muppet Mafia Manifesto.mp3

02 Beat Some Bodies

Download 02 Beat Some Bodies.mp3

03 Breezeflash

Download 03 Breezeflash.mp3

04 Castle Walls

Download 04 Castle Walls.mp3

Shoegaze/black metal/breakcore song.

Whilst obviously most black metal bands are spiritually very dark, and I don’t recommend listening to it on that account, I’ve always loved the sound and production of black metal - the tremolo picked guitars and sheer noise of it can create an amazing soundscape. I had a guitar teacher at university - Huw Davies - who showed me how to play this way and I always enjoyed it musically speaking.

05 1A - Exercise in Harmonics

Download 05 1A - Exercise in Harmonics.mp3

06 Crew

Download 06 Crew.mp3

07 Crystal beams

Download 07 Crystal beams.mp3

08 What It Is

Download 08 What It Is.mp3


Download 09 MFMFNTO.mp3

10 Gnormous Gnome

Download 10 Gnormous Gnome.mp3

11 Grind

Download 11 Grind.mp3

12 Make Way For The Bad Guy (Scott H

Download 12 Make Way For The Bad Guy (Scott H.mp3

13 Hope Stroke

Download 13 Hope Stroke.mp3

14 Loverust

Download 14 Loverust.mp3

15 Open Eyes

Download 15 Open Eyes.mp3

16 Digital Mutilation

Download 16 Digital Mutilation.mp3

17 Airspace

Download 17 Airspace.mp3

18 Soul Architect

Download 18 Soul Architect.mp3

19 Mindtwist

Download 19 Mindtwist.mp3

20 Pulseslice

Download 20 Pulseslice.mp3

21 The Coat

Download 21 The Coat.mp3

22 Wingman

Download 22 Wingman.mp3