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Samba Lucas Band - Live Demo

By Gavin Davies

Samba Lucas has written some amazing songs and I was fortunate enough to be his bass player for a while.

Band lineup:

  • Samba Lucas - vocals, primary songwriter
  • Matt Miles - lead guitar
  • Steve Jones - drums
  • Gav Davies - bass

Samba Lucas Band - I Feel Better live

Download Samba Lucas Band - I Feel Better live.mp3

Samba Lucas Band - Just Friends live

Download Samba Lucas Band - Just Friends live.mp3

Samba Lucas Band - Never Speak live

Download Samba Lucas Band - Never Speak live.mp3

Samba Lucas Band - Vos Ist Los live)

Download Samba Lucas Band - Vos Ist Los live).mp3

I’d like to dig out some photos of the band but so far I’ve only found photos just of me! Terrible arrogance




I’m hosting this for archival purposes, if any copyright holders object I can pull it down :-) I figured it’s good to keep it out there though