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No Fly Zone / Randy vs Brock

By Gavin Davies

I just pledged not to fly for 12 months on lowflyzone…

I just pledged not to fly for 12 months on Aviation for holidays etc on low budget airlines is causing increasing amounts of pollution and draining natural resources. It’s always worth considering – “do I need to take this flight?”. this guy writes about some of the social implications of not flying.

With the Channel Tunnel, those of us in the UK are well served for European rail links. It’s more expensive in some cases, yes, but it may prove more environmentally/resource stable.

In other news, Randy Couture is to fight Brock Lesnar for the UFC heavyweight championship! I don’t know who to root for to be honest. I really like Lesnar, I like his explosive style and I think he was mature against Heath Herring. People have been saying he should have finished the fight but to be honest Herring didn’t give him much of an opportunity. Brock maintained position and picked his shots and looked comfortable throughout. On the other hand, you can never, ever count Captain America out. Randy will come in prepared, and the wily 45-year-old veteran will have a strategy against the larger, faster powerhouse who is 14 years his junior. I like both fighters, I’ll just enjoy it whoever wins!