Frail and faltering follower of Jesus

The most diddums event of all time

By Gavin Davies

Over here in the UK, we’re having some snow…

Over here in the UK, we’re having some snow. First time in a very long time for most places!

I walked home last night, my significant other gleefully scampering like a small but excitable bear exhorting me to “look at the snow, Gavins! the snow!”, past groups of people in the street playing together. Throwing snowballs, building snowmen, laughing, opening windows to heave speakers out to play music to accompany the merriment – it was almost magical. I felt like I was in an old-time concept known as a “community”, where people don’t live in the relative isolation of what is awkwardly designated the “noughties”.

After I left my lady outside her home giggling and apparently trying to photograph individual snowflakes, I called my parents. It was 10pm, they’d just come back from their church homegroup, and Dad had said to Mum; “let’s get the sledge out”.

I’d love to have seen them gliding down the slopes near my family home! How very sweet! I found it incredibly encouraging that as my parents near their 60s, they are more liberated, comfortable with themselves, happy and together than they have ever been.

Then, that night I had terrible The Shining related nightmares. Ah well!